Millions of families are living in substandard housing around the world, but you can help. With your humanitarian donation you can help us help the elderly & handicapped maintain their homes and live a better life.

The elderly in the United States make up 12% of the population, and at last 90% of all person swindled in the United States are the elderly. Roughly one in six Americans is in need of a decent, affordable place to live, according to the State of the Nation's Housing 2010 and growing. Unfortunately for the elderly & handicapped if they have a home it is nearly impossible for them to maintain their homes properly, due to the rising costs of material, labor, and their fixed income.

But now with your help, the elderly & handicapped have someone to turn to, someone they can trust, because we are not there for their money! We are there to fix their floors, roofs, walls, windows, doors, make their homes wheelchair accessible, mow their yards or whatever it takes to help them maintain their homes and property and live a better life just, to name a few examples.  In some cases even build them a new home if they qualify, all at no cost to them.